Monday, 23 October 2017

Thrive App- Feel Stress Free Review

Imagine if you could have an emotional outlet in your pocket.

Something to ease your worries, offer an immediate distraction from negative thoughts and offer self-soothe therapy on your device. 

Thrive mental health App review

When Thrive asked me if I would like to try their Mental Health App I was intrigued, as a person that deals daily with depression and anxiety this is not something I had considered before but I am always open minded to anything that might help us get through the day.

The App was quick and easy to download from the App store (also available through Google Play) once I had signed up online.
The App icon imagery looks good on my iPhone and only took 130.1 MB of my storage.

Once the App is open its hosts many fantastic features-

Thrive mental health App reviewMood Meter - I began each day using the mood meter to rate how I was feeling.
Once I told the app how I felt I followed a series of questions to reach my recommended actions for the day. 
As I used it each day the app got to know me and offered more personalised advice.

Goal System- Once the App has identified what may help it set me goals to complete, some goals from the app like meditation and some to do in my life like take a walk or write a list to ease my worries.
Once I completed my goals for the day I could check in and mark them as complete which gave me a good feeling of accomplishment.

Thrive mental health App reviewCalm Island- This feature offers relaxation techniques to unwind. The music that accompanies them is very relaxing and it is narrated by a soft female voice. 
My personal favourite was the meditation as I was able to do this in bed with my earphones without disturbing anyone else. it definitely helped me settle down for sleep.

Wellbeing- This is a clever function that takes the answers
that I gave in my mood meter and gives me articles on advice and support. For example, 
the mood meter recognised that I'm not sleeping as well as I could be by my answers so offers me some practical tips for avoiding stimulants and improving my sleep hygiene.

Thrive mental health App reviewMessage in a bottle- This is one of my favourite features. After creating a fun username, mine is Brave Sweet Lion, I can send other users of the app positive messages, my identity is completely protected as these messages are sent anonymously and it's nice to think I am offering support to others.

Thrive mental health App review
Zen Garden- The Zen garden is a nice distraction area of this app. It offers the opportunity to either get your creative juices flowing by designing your own Zen garden or getting immersed in a little mini-game. I think this function is handy when you just need to zone out of reality for a while.

I found this app really helpful and a fun way to prioritise myself and my needs.
The fact that it has been developed by professionals in psychiatry is very clear as the app offers safe sensible advice and although can't in itself treat a person with mental health struggles I feel it can definitely compliment treatment as a therapeutic app. 

Thrive offer three payment subscription methods as detailed below-

Thrive mental health App review

Thrive has kindly offered my readers a month's free trial to give this app a try.

All you need to do is visit Thrive and add the code FSFOCT300917. 

It is important to seek advice from your GP if you are experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. 
There is good advice on the NHS Choices website here for those struggling with their mental health.

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