Tuesday, 19 December 2017

CAMHs- More hindrance than help

So K is back home.

I brought her home with the help of my sister last Thursday from Manchester she coped very well with the travel home. 

We have settled back into home life but yet again CAMHs are making my ability to cope very difficult. 
I know my decision to discharge K and bring her back to Somerset was against their advice and has probably increased their workload but to be honest I care about that as much as they care about sending peoples children hundreds of miles away to an inferior medical facility. 
When I discharged K from Cynet Bury they would only give us enough medication to last 4 days. I spoke to her care coordinator on Wednesday with my intention to discharge her that day so they were well aware she would need a new prescription, rang and spoke to her Pysch's medical secretary on Thursday afternoon to confirm what she needed and she promised to arrange a prescription to be put in the post Friday morning. 
Its now Tuesday, and no prescription. K is now on the 2nd day without Fluoxetine and Risperidone.

I've spent the morning on the phone and all I seem to meet is a shrugged shoulder attitude from the professionals. I've spoken to the CAMHs receptionist who relayed a conversation she had had with the medical secretary which pretty much stated that they posted it on Friday, they cant control the post and that as I couldn't personally collect it on Friday there wasn't anything further they can do. Spoke to NHS 111 who whilst were very friendly and helpful, cant arrange a prescription without speaking to the Psych it has to be down to a doctor, who yesterday told me they cant write a prescription without discharge notes and info from the psych either! 
Finally spoke to a manager at CAMHs who basically said he won't fax another prescription until tomorrow in case it turns up. He advised there won't be any negative withdrawal effects for at least 48 hours from the abrupt halt of the medication. i sincerley hope he is right about that. 

Why do they make it so hard for me to cope? If big boss man can fax a prescription tomorrow then why couldn't they have done that on Friday? Why not today? 

If I'm being irrational (which at the moment I mostly am) i feel this is CAMHs reaction to me discharging her from Hospital against their advice, a punishment. I guess they think why should they bend over backwards to sort out a prescription when she should be in Manchester. 

What they don't realise is the pressure and stress this puts me under as her carer. 
I can control most things, but I do not have the ability to access her medicines without their help.

One of the things that have been highlighted to me by family and by Professionals in the last month has been how unassertive I am. How I don't feel able to make demands for what I need, I've always been a bit of a doormat- a product of my childhood unfortunately but I don't think this only applies to my children but to my relationship with Ks mental health team too.

Since she has come home I have coped very well. In fact, the only time I have felt overwhelmed, anxious or out of control has in fact been with the stress of the missing prescription. and with my dealing with the CAMHs professionals. I have managed her moods very well. 

In my current struggling state of mind, i feel like I don't want to engage with these services anymore and that through their failing all they actually do is make my situation to cope with Ks mental health (and protect my own) harder.

Wish i could sign off this post abit more positively! 

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