Friday, 30 November 2018

Dear Theresa May,

Dear Theresa May ,

I would like to bring your attention to my families current situation and the chaos and uncertainty our local Children's Services brings to us.

My daughter is poorly, shes been poorly for a while. three years of illness which has affected my family irreversibly.

My daughters illness is in her mind but shes as poorly as a person who needs a wheelchair, as much at risk of death as an oncology patient but yet we continue to suffer.

Over the last three years her illness has grown progressively worse due to a complete lack of effective services. As a family we have waited in A&E for 5 hours on numerous occasions, waited on a paediatric ward for five weeks for a bed, we have travelled hundreds of miles because there was no local beds and we have been locked inside our house to keep her alive.

And now it seems my daughters needs are too expensive for Children's Social care to prioritise.

She has been sat in a Psychiatric unit since September waiting for a placement. She needs a placement that can continue the fantastic work the unit has provided, whilst safeguarding her from exploitation and encouraging her progress.

We are at the mercy of a service that you provide that see's my daughter as nothing but pound signs.

Last week after a complaint was made by both myself and NHS England, finally children's social care offered us a light at the end of the tunnel , we won a battle to prevent her from being placed in an environment in which every other professional felt would not safeguard her and finally, my daughter had some positive news, a three month placement which would give her the opportunity to move on , away from a clinical setting and back into the real world where she has the opportunity to rebuild her life and continue to learn to live with her illness.

My daughter visited her new placement, met the staff and was making plans on her move when this morning we are told that actually this wont be happening because the processes have not been followed by the social care team. I have been told all plans for the move are to be put on hold while some issues need to be looked into.  What are these issues??


Why does my beautiful, articulate daughter who has the potential to an amazing future have a £ sign above her head. Why is she a folder on a desk to the services that my family have paid into for at least 80 years- with a promise that help will be there at the point of need?

A Solicitor advises me there is nothing to be done until negligence has occurred.
Reading between the lines my daughter has to come to significant harm or death before i am able to make Children's social care accountable for a failure to meet their duty of care.

And if this happens i will  i will sell everything i own to make Children's Social Care accountable for the service that continues to cause someone who is already very unwell feel like a massive inconvenience.

 I have fought for three years to access the services she needs, i have been passed from professional to professional in an inconsistent and overstretched service which is failing children and young people across the country.

Theresa, i am trying to tell my daughter that she is valuable, that she will go on to do great things and contribute to our society. I am asking my daughter please dont take yourself away from this world there are so many things you haven't yet seen and done yet.

How do i do this when society puts a price tag on the value to people and their futures

Please please invest in our young people , stop making them feel that Mental Health is an inconvenience.

Run your services properly to prevent families living in turmoil and anxiety whilst your professionals squabble over who's responsibility it is to help someone in need. Look at the conduct of Somerset County Council and tell me my family has been treated fairly.

Please provide effective services to families before it becomes too late.

Yours Hopefully.

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