About Me

My name is Ann-Marie and i live in a small town in Somerset. 

i Love drinking tea, cooking, comping, ancestry and am a total history geek. 

I decided to start this blog as a carer of someone who suffers from mental health problems.

When i unexpectedly became a full time carer my whole life turned upside down. I gave up my job, and dedicated myself to keeping my daughter safe and helping her make her way through the maze that is her mental health, with the hope of giving her a chance at building a life for herself. 

There was little to no support for me when my daughter carried out her first suicide attempt at age 14, and i really want to offer my perspective and hopefully some advice and support to those who find themselves in this emotional and tiring role.

Having grown up with a manic depressive mother and experiencing my own mental health blips over the years i feel i can offer some insight into services and making your way though the minefield that is mental health!

This blog is all about my life. The highs and the lows as a carer, me as a person in my own right and all the things that make me happy. 


  1. I have recently become a carer for my 87 year old mum do to a bilateral stroke. Thus changing her whole personality and making an independent lady dependant. This is also getting mum down :( I have left my family home and moved in with her. I suffer chronic depression as well as psoriatic arthritis and find it so hard. I tend to unwind when my mum is sleeping. I often just sit back on the sofa and catch a few zzzz myself. I do feel as though my life is just slipping by though and I miss my husband so very much. I admire you for what you have done for your daughter.

  2. A carers Perspective12 October 2017 at 03:37

    Im sorry to hear that your mum has become so unwell but please don't struggle through on your own. All carers are entitled to a carers assessment, which will identify ways in which services could support you and if you are caring full time you could also be entitled to carers allowance to help cushion the financial blow that this situation has probably caused you and your family.
    If you visit the carers uk website or phone them on 0808 808 7777 they will be able to advise on support available. They are open Mons-Weds 10am-4pm its a free number. Take care and please make sure you make time for yourself. If you need a chat or any further advice i can help with then please feel free to message me via the contact form

    1. Thankyou. It is hard. I have given up life as i knew it and had to try create a new normality. It's only recently I am starting to break down x

  3. i really recommend that you request a carers assessment from Adult Services in your local council. I think they will be able to offer you some support. You can't care for someone else if you arent ok yourself xx